Disable Siteground new CDN feature and keep using Cloudflare CDN

Dear CF community,

Following growing incompatibilities between Siteground and Cloudflare (from CF new API requirements according to Siteground), by 09/01/2022, most of Siteground websites will be switched automatically to Siteground CDN, unless you opted out on the form they sent.

So all “Cloudflare Plus” plans from Siteground are going to get discontinued.

Siteground support agents have been telling me different things. One is saying that it will keep working smoothly after that date as I opted out, but the other is saying that I need to:

1/ Remove Cloudflare from SG Sitetools
2/ Delete my zone from CF and add it back again
3/ Add DNS (which are currently managed by SG) to CF
4/ Change Nameservers to CF (currently pointing to SG).

Any idea whether it should still work if nothing is done or if indeed something should be done manually here?


I am a SiteGround customer but all my sites use Cloudflares NameServers / DNS - I was told that if you are using Cloudflares name servers then your sites wont be changed to use SiteGrounds new CDN - and got this in writing

SiteGrounds OptOut form doesnt work properly as it assumes that you are using SiteGrounds NameServers /DNS and doesnt list any domains that are using Cloudflare NameServers so you cant use it to Opt Out - for me the form shows no domains

The list 1 to 4 is correct, you need to do this for each domain, step 3 is done automatically for you when you do step 2

You can contact SiteGround Support and Opt Out of the changes at Account level which is way easier than doing it for every domain / website

Also look at changing your domain registration from SiteGround to Cloudflare as it will save you a fortune, again just go through the domain transfer process and no changes are needed at SiteGround end

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Hey, thanks for your reply.

From my understanding and what Siteground said, that would only be if DNS were already managed at CF, as in your case for example

But they confirmed that if DNS are hosted at SG but pointing to CF + NS pointing to SG, it will keep working given that I had the ability to opt out then (unlike you it seems)

Let’s see on 2022/09/01 if the site goes down will know why…

Will update this thread later

Hello Kevin,

This is Geri Zh., and I am the Community Manager of SiteGround.
First, I would like to apologize for the misleading information you received via chat.
I can confirm that the only thing you need to do to keep your Cloudflare CDN is to state your preference via the opt-out form you received via email. You do not need to apply any additional DNS changes, the switch will be automated and it should not affect your website uptime.

As to Paul’s case - I can also confirm that domains that are not using our name servers (ns1.siteground. net & ns2.siteground. net) will not be switched to the SiteGround CDN.

Hello Gergana,

Thank you for your reply, when you say it “should not affect our website uptime” do you imply that there is still a risk or?

And if the website goes down, what are we supposed to do in that case please? Thanks!

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The switch will be as smooth as possible, and you should not see any service interruption. Still, if you notice any discrepancies with your website, please reach our Live Support to report them, and we will be glad to check that for you.

Hi Gergana,

I can confirm that the transition went smoothly and that so far speed has not been impacted, no downtime either, assuming the transition has been done yet on my account, not sure yet?

Although I can still see Cloudflare in Sitetools under SPEED > Cloudflare which is ACTIVE with all CF settings still manageable in Sitetools.

So not sure it has actually been done yet or not…there is also still the message:


We would like to remind you that we are in the process of discontinuing the current CDN service provided in partnership with Cloudflare. To learn more about it visit our Help Desk > Other > Cloudflare switch to SiteGround CDN.

Many thanks for your kind support

Do they also provide a tutorial switching to Cloudflare? :eyes:

To date nothing has changed, everything is still working as it was, and Cloudflare still shows as “ACTIVE” in Siteground’s sitetools.

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