Disable server side caching on your end

Sir, I am using ezoic for my domain for monetisation of my website. I tried to use their cache tool but it is not happening. They siad me “Can you reach out to your host please and ask them to disable server side caching on their end?” So, I request you to please disable server side caching of my website “mylearningmania.com” on your end so that I can use ezoic caching tool for my website. I will be thankful to you.


Thank you for asking.

Kindly, double-check with Ezoic Documentation for more information and you should be applying those changes through Ezoic interface to manage your Cloudflare integration:

Double-check who is your web hosting provider by checking your invoices or at least get in contact with your Website developer, otherwise check who do you pay for the WordPress website (Google, WPEngine, etc.), as far as Cloudflare in this case isn’t web hosting at all.