Disable rules only, to a specific url

How do I disable cloudflare only to a specific url?


Which option should I select in rules?


I believe Page Rules could help here:

For the stated from above example URLs, you would have to split that into two Page Rules.

May I ask which Cloudflare feature would you like to disable, if so?

What is the issue, with what - cache, rocket loader, SSL, etc.?

Depending on the needs, you could select:

  • Cache Level: Bypass
  • Disable performance
  • Disable Security

Other way would be, if you could create a sub-domain, meaning create the two A records, one A livezilla and the other A whmcs, and both pointed to your origin host/server IP address.

Therefore, you would move the content from directory /livezilla to sub-domain livezilla.website.net and from directory /whmcs to sub-domain whmcs.website.net and put them to DNS-only (:grey: cloud).

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