Disable Right Click does not work

We purchased the disable right click app…It does not work.
Contacted CF they told us we need to contact the developer.
I thought given they sell it, promote it and include it in their service offerings, they should have some involvement in sorting out issues,
I am dealing with CF…paying for PRO through CF… i have no interest in interfacing with an APP developer when i purchase an off the shelf service from my provider.

This is really poor customer service in my opinion.

Am I being unreasonable?

BTW …any one have an idea why this service would not work?


You should know that anyone in the world can create their own app, publish and sell it on Cloudflare Apps platform. Cloudflare provides the platform to the developers, but Cloudflare itself is not involved in the development of the application itself.

And there’s a reason they put the developer contacts in the app listing page, right?


If I’m the one who faced a similar issue, surely the first thing I will do is to contact the developer first.


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As yet we have heard nothing back from the developer…NOTHING! yet we are still be charged for the service.
IS this fair mate? Is CF aware that services promoted on their platform are so poorly supported.
Should they not advise the developers of the reputation damage being caused to CF as a result?

Let’s dial everything back a notch and take a breath. You are clearly frustrated and have every reason to be with what you are experiencing. @erictung is not a Cloudflare employee and neither am I, they will have the Cloudflare logo next to their profile photos. This community site is a forum where members who use Cloudflare can work with each other and yelling will get you nowhere fast.

Cloudflare offers a platform for these developers to create and share/sell their applications for Cloudflare users’ sites. Much like Apple and Google offer app stores where developers share/sell their apps. Could they say that they don’t develop any of the apps more?. Sure and that is good feedback to give them.

It is highly likely that Cloudflare has no idea that the developer is not responding to you and I would advise that you cancel the plan for the app until such a time as they respond and fix the issue. There is nothing that this community is able to offer in terms of support for your issue. If you feel it is necessary then you can always get in touch with Cloudflare support.


This is a community forum and those trying to help you are volunteers. The community cannot help you with this issue. The developer is who you need to talk to. If you have a Cloudflare paid plan, you are welcome to contact support but I expect they will direct you to the same place.

I’m closing this topic now as there is nothing more we can offer here.