Disable referral traffic


Is there aw way to disable referral traffic coming from specific domains?

Kind Regards

By which you mean?

Can I block referral traffic coming from domains that I do not like?

Well, my question was what you mean by that.

Are you seriously not understanding what I am asking, are you trolling me?

All right, thank you very much, I am outta here :roll_eyes:

Anyone watching the thread here can clearly see that you are trolling me. With the number of posts you have it is impossible not to understand what I am asking.

I would perhaps be more careful when accusing people of ‘trolling’, @sandro would have been happy to help, I am sure, if you had clarified what you meant. It is not too clear to me either. Using the info you provided and a bit of guesswork, I presume you mean something like this:

I don’t think he didn’t understand the language as I phrased it in two different ways. I see posts about his abusive behaviour. So I don’t think this was coincidental.

Your help was absolutely on point and I am very thankful for that.

How is that in any way different?

Abusive behaviour? Yes, by people like you who dont have the slightest respect for the community and just drop in to shoot their ambiguous one-time messages and expect others to make wild assumptions about what they could have possibly meant.

No, sorry, you are by far not paying enough to have me do your guesswork. If you want help, state a precise question and, if that is not possible right from the start, at least be cooperative enough to help in the clarification. All you did was calling people names.

How did you conclude that I “do not have the slightest respect for the community”?

When I google more about you I see people actually complaining against you.

I already addressed that point.


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