Disable Preview Publishing on Pages

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if there is a way to disable Preview Deployment on Pages. I am using Stackbit for development, and I noticed that every little change I make creates a pull request that causes the entire page to rebuild, causing my build queue to clog up when I want to deploy the production site. Am I missing a setting to disable it somewhere?

Also, I didn’t know if there was a category somewhere for Pages, so if it does exist, could someone move this there? Lastly, if the option doesn’t exist, could I make a feature request for it?


Hm, Preview deployments allow you to preview new versions of your project without deploying it to production.

Every time you open a new pull request on your GitHub repository, Cloudflare Pages should create a unique preview URL, which will stay up-to-date as you continue to push new commits to the branch.

You can try to limit the access to Pages via Policy as described here:

Just in case, also try here:

I was referring not as much to unauthorized access to my previews, but more the fact that every time I attempt to publish a new production version, the process has to run through a build queue filled with a commit for every single little edit I have made. I don’t really want to limit access to my development branch, but rather stop any builds on it whatsoever.


Upvote. Pages has a limited set of supported languages / toolchains, which does not include Rust / wasm-pack. So I have to build my site with GitHub Actions and push those assets to a separate web branch.

Then only the web branch has the necessary files to stand up my website. But Pages just tries to build every branch, resulting in :x: CI status in every branch except the specified production branch, which is fairly annoying and basically unusable. The expectation of Pages on my project workflow is pretty strange. :worried:

For anyone still following on this thread, I have found out that this is a planned feature for Pages.

I’m looking forward to this feature. Hopefully, this is implemented soon. The build queue keeps getting clogged with the preview deployments. A simple toggle button would be good enough, but being able to choose which branches to generate previews from is also welcome.