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i can not find useful information that why i try community for help
im on Cloudflare free plan and i will change to pro plan
but before i do my move i need to find information i need
i have used 3 page rules
one of them its cache everithing
second its disable performance for login and thir its preview=true disable performance
i have trouble in some part of my ecommerce website
my-account,checkout,cart, affiliate login - maybe wishlist too( i didnt check yet)

from information around i understand that i need to disable performance for pages i wrote before
but my website its in 3 languages
so do i need 15 page rules for 5 page diable performance ?
english www.example.com/my-account
albanian www.example.com/sq/llogaria-ime
macedonian www.example.com/mk/moja-smetka

all 3 are the same my-account/llogaria-ime/moja-smetka translated with wpml

im going to create more login pages for different function- if this page rules function like this i will need 50 more page rules
can someone help me
explain me how this works ?!

What I would try:

Resort your login pages to something like


And a page rule could look like
-> Disable Performance

Or get rid of the subfolders and translate the page directly under

Though i know that users love to see it localized ^^

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