Disable .page.dev Subdomain

Just deployed my first project on Cloudflare Pages, and added a custom domain. is there any way to disable the .page.dev free subdomain, as I’m already serving my site on a custom domain?

In meantime, I’ve added canonical URLs pointing to the custom domain URLs, but hope there should be an option to disable the free subdomain.

I thought this came up before, but I can’t find it. As far as I know, the answer is no. And I bet it’s because your custom domain is a CNAME that points to your pages.dev hostname.

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Because you can’t points a domain direct to Cloudflare IPs, then it’s absolutely not.

hi, I haven’t found a way to disable .page.dev subdomain, but there’s a way to limit access to that domain. I mentioned answer here: Pages redirect or remove pages.dev domain to custom domain - #2 by stonys

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