Disable of the two factor authentication cloudflare

Hello everyone, disable two-factor authentication but it keeps asking me for the code even though it shows disabled, someone at some point had or has the same problem, could you share your solution please.

Have you tried with a different browser or incognito mode? Try this for both the login itself, and making sure 2FA is disabled in your account.

Hello, yes, when I disabled it, I did tests to verify that it did not ask for the code, I did it in incognito mode and it did not ask for it, but the next day when I accessed it, it asked me for the code and I did tests on other devices and the same thing happens.

I’d give it one more try: Disable 2FA again. If it’s already off, then turn it on, then back off.

If it’s still a problem tomorrow, let us know.

Days ago I came with the problem, yesterday I enabled it and disabled it again, I did the tests and it did not ask me for the code and today to check it, it asked me for the code again, so I did the same process of enabling and disabling again, that’s why I turned to the community to see if there is someone else with the same problem or if they already had it and to know how the solution was.

Go ahead an email for a ticket: support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here so we can re-open and escalate it.