Disable NS DNS proxy

Hi community,

I need to disable the NS records proxy in DNS but I couldn’t find any option to do it. Do you have any idea about how it should be done?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You cannot disable NS records. You can unproxy records or pause Cloudflare altogether.

The latter is done at the bottom right on the Overview screen.

I don’t want to disable NS records, just unproxy them

Is there anyway to unproxy NS records without pausing Cloudflare?

Again, you can’t unproxy NS records.

But what exactly do you want to achieve? If you just want to unproxy individual records → Search results for 'unproxy records' - Cloudflare Community

I want to connect a website with the subdomain. To connect it the NS records should be unproxied

Once again, NS records cannot be unproxied. If you want to unproxy an individual record, see my previous response.

What domain is it and which record?

Thank you for your help Sandro

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