Disable "little orange cloud"

We need to disable Cloudflare (caching) for a few weeks during development of the new website,
What’s the best practice for this?
Do i just need to click the “little orange cloud” in the A record of the domains?
so it changes from Proxied to DNS only?

Cheers for your advice, appreciate every word!

I would use Developer Mode

That way you wont be exposing your IP(s) but will be disabling the CF cache

If you just want to disable caching and not the proxies, then you could create a page rule which sets the cache level accordingly.

i thought Developer Mode only disables for 3 hours?

sounds perfect, would the Page Rule be Cache Level + Bypass?


Absolutely correct :slight_smile:


will take care of all pages and https, and www too, right?

or i dont even need the domain.com ?

just slash asterisk?


It should be *domain.com/* but entering /* should extend that automatically.

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