Disable IPV6 - Which plan is required?

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My site is done an hosted in webflow and I use Cloudflare to secure and also configure everything else on the domain which is not my webflow website. When I proxy the webflow website through Cloudflare I get an issue on webflow, which as far as I read around seems to be because webflow doesn’t support IPV6. Every few months the website is offline, I disable the proxy on Cloudflare, website goes back online and after 20 mins I can enable the proxy again and everything works for another few months.

This is not a sustainable solution. Does anyone know if the reason is actually the IPV6? And if so what plan do I need in Cloudflare to be able to disable it? Is this available in the Pro plan?


Seems highly unlikely to be related to IPv6, do you have a reference for that?

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You can disable IPv6 on any plan. It needs to be done via the API: Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

This is what I can find, is a bit old but can’t find something newer yet: https://discourse.webflow.com/t/how-to-use-ipv6-address-to-point-to-webflow/28898

And another one here: https://isotropic.co/how-to-fix-the-webflow-aaaa-record-error/

I will try to do it with the API and see if I can manage

s/ / paid /


@martin32, yes on a paid plan you can disable the AAAA records, however - as @cscharff already addressed - if IPv6 was really the reason for the issue, that would be a highly unorthodox setup.

What that would essentially mean is, your host “scans” your records every couple of months and apparently stops the service when it receives AAAA records. Did your host say that? That does not sound like a very realistic scenario. Also, any AAAA records are completely irrelevant for your host, as they are handled exclusively on the proxy side.

In short, IPv6 won’t be the reason for the issue and the best course of action would be to check why the site stops and contact your host in that case.

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Even on free plan you can still disable it via the API, try it yourself. It is confusing that it’s labeled in the API docs as not free though.
(Rest of what you said makes sense of course, but if needed, free plan users can still disable IPv6 via the API)

In that case the documentation needs to be updated.

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