Disable IPV6 using API

How do I disable IPV6 support using the API?
EXTREME noob so please take that into account
Tried doing calls in curl and it didnt work so idk

Do you mean disabling IPv6 compatibility and gateway?


And there is link how to do it using API call:


Well on my website it’s showing peoples IPV6 address
I just want to get the IPV4 address not IPV6
Sorry if im not clear enough, thanks!

I’ve tried following those instructions but it’s extremely confusing for a noob like myself
Why the ■■■■ would they disable the switch?
SUPER counter intuitive for people who need IPV6 disabled

IPv6 is the future, and all web applications should really implement it correctly. Nonetheless, if a application really can’t handle IPv6, Cloudflare provides a way to disable it via the API.


What confuses you? Following the provided example it should be actually pretty straightforward. Of course you need to substitute the example data with your own.

Because Cloudflare does not want one to disable it, so one has to jump through hoops.

Has been the future for the past twenty years :wink:

To be honest, I believe Cloudflare applies some double standard here. On one hand they make it deliberately complicated to disable IPv6, on the other hand they make it extremely easy and convenient to break TLS by offering Flexible mode.

IMHO it should be the other way round. I fully support IPv6 compatibilty but it shouldnt be forced, whereas something like Flexible should be really hidden behind some very, very, very, very complicated web calls :wink:

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