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Hi! I have enabled auto https rewrites inside my web page code, so far so good, but for a specific anchor tag, I need the href to be http and not https, no matter what I do, it always get rewritten to https. Is there anything I can add to an anchor tag to tell cloudflare not to change http to https for that specific tag?



This leads to an outside url?

My point is you can use //url.com with no preceding http: or https: - not sure if this will work in your case but it’s pretty standard when you want to specify a url without or with ssl.


Hi @Stuart! Sadly that doesn’t work in my case, because using //url.com causes to rewrite to https://url.com.

I need to know how can I tell CF that this tag <a href="http://url.com/" target="_blank">click here</a> don’t get rewritten to <a href="https://url.com/" target="_blank">click here</a> (note the ‘s’ in the href parameter)


If it’s your site… you can disable our automatic https rewrites if your code doesn’t need it. It’s intended to help fix mixed content issues for sites with non-technical users. If you’ve already fixed your code then fighting against it in this instance isn’t providing any value.

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