Disable/enabled hotlinking by Page rule


Page rule should have an option to allow or disallow hotlinking for specific URL pattern.

Edit: From this page its say there used to be option to toggles Hotlink Protection on or off. but look like outdated because I can’t find these option in Page rule anymore.


Thanks for bringing that article to our attention. I’ll get it updated to reflect current functionality.


Out of interest - is this functionality still possible using one of the other options, such as turning off security etc?

It had never occurred to me until now but this would actually be very useful for me on one of my sites. (that is, enable domain-wide hotlink-protection, but disable it on a subset of images via a page rule).


I’ve raised this internally for consideration, but in the meantime the best solution is to create an exclude folder and make sure all of the unprotected images live there.