Disable Email routing Beta?

Hi everyone, I’ve been looking everywhere on the site but I’m struggling to locate a way to disable the Email Routing Beta for one of my domains (I’d rather leave it as it is and I’ll test the new routing on another domain instead). Is there an easy way to do this?

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Thank you for asking.

May I ask have you already configured?

I believe you should have to:

  1. Delete the MX hostnames associated/pointed to cloudflare.net
  2. Delete the TXT record for SPF and DMARC.
  3. Delete Custom Address
  4. Delete destination address (not sure, but as stated in the Docs: Deleting a destination address automatically disables all routing rules that use that email address as destination. )

Helpful article:


Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I’ll try deleting the MX records, replace them with the ones that Cloudflare wants me to use, and then change them back.

I never changed my MX records because I changed my mind before using the Email Routing feature, but I get security warnings now saying that it isn’t configured correctly because it expects the new MX records.

I’ll let you know if this solves it.

Thank you so much.

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