Disable dynamic image transformations


I am using Cloudflare images with transformations.
The images are being server from a s3 bucket with signed url’s.
I know we can disable dynamic variations, but in that case the image has to be uploaded and served from Cloudflare Images service.

Is there a way to something similar with transformations so that a user can not add//remove tranformation options by himself?

I believe that this Worker example would let you limit which parameters were allowed:


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I saw that example before. Thanks.

But I have a special use case, I need to somehow limit who can use the image with applied blur transformation and who can use without the blur transformation.

So when the s3 presigned url is created, specific users get a blurred version of the image and others get a non-blurred version. I don’t want users to allow to simply remove the /blur=100 transformation from the url. It should be somehow secured.

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Hi dino, as @sdayman mentioned earlier, you can do all customisations with workers: differentiate users/requests with signatures and serve bespoke images.

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