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We’d like to disable all DNS for a single domain temporarily to make sure all is good before we decommission the domain entirely.

One option is to switch away from Cloudflare via the registrar but that involves DNS propagation delays - is there an immediate way to switch DNS in and out on the Cloudflare portal? “We are under attack” still allows DNS to resolve.

Any pointers appreciated - thanks in advance

Go to the DNS page and scroll down to Advanced. Then Export the DNS file.

Then go down the DNS list here and start clicking the X links at the end of each DNS row.

You can always use Advanced to import that DNS file to recover.

Thank you but that isn’t the problem

We want to switch off DNS to see what breaks (clients may be using entries that we aren’t aware of) and be able to switch it straight back on if needed (to then diagnose the problem)

Redirecting the name servers will take too long to undo… is there a way to turn off the DNS redirection temporarily?

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You can’t “turn off” DNS, other than by deleting DNS entries or pointing your domain to blank name servers.

It doesn’t take long to repopulate DNS from a BIND file. If you want to minimize potential outages, switch TTL down to 2 minutes. If it’s an :orange: entry, it’s stuck at 5 minutes.

Another option would be to Rename the specific DNS entry: change example.com to blah.example.com
Then example.com won’t respond to a lookup.

Ah - I thought I was missing something - thank you for confirming that for me

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