Disable DNS on Mailserver

I need to disable Cloudflare DNS on my mailserver. I’ve looked at the help page for the topic, “Email undeliverable when using Cloudflare,” but I’m over my head on this. Is there an easy way to do it?

I believe there is an easy way.

Kindly, can you check your A mail record at Cloudflare DNS dashboard?
Is it :orange: or :grey: ?
To make your e-mail work propperly, kindly change it to :grey: (DNS only).

Moreover, check for an MX record and point it to your mail.yourdomain.com.

May I ask have you tried with the steps as this one?:

Thanks for your reply. I only have a ‘CNAME’ record, no A mail record. The YouTube tutorial also does not correspond to what I see for my domain.

Hmm, in that case, may I know what value is written under the column “content” for your CNAME record?

There is still a way to do it.

Either to remove a CNAME, create the needed A records and point them to an IP address, create an A mail record but this one has to be :grey: (not :orange: as A yourdomain.com or A www records would be).

  • except if you are using an external e-mail service …


I am using an external email service — it’s not provided by Cloudflare, if that’s what you mean.

The instructions @fritex posted are correct. Mail-related records need to be :grey: DNS Only. Since you mentioned the CNAME (and not the actual hostname so we can check), it has to be DNS Only, as does the hostname it points to (if it’s in your domain).

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