Disable Depricated SPDY/HTTP/2 protocol



I have spent the last few weeks learning everything I can possibly learn about a random error involving the letters “SPDY”.

The thing that stands out the most to be are:

  1. Many many cloudflare users point out that it does not work with your system

  2. Google has acknowledged that they are deprecating this protocol.

  3. Cloudflare has acknowledged that they are deprecating this protocol.

  4. Cloudflare makes it impossible to turn off the broken, outdated and obsolete protocol.

So I guess I’m wondering why Cloudflare is forcing a broken, outdated, utterly depricated protocol on users, at least two years after it was announced that it was being phased out? And why this isn’t patched, or at least exposed as an end user option?


SPDY has been deprecated and removed from Cloudflare. Cloudflare advertises support only for HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.

HTTP/2 can be disabled in the dashboard with Pro plans and above, I see no reason to do so as there are only advantages to having it active.

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