Disable CNAME flattening on free plan


I tried the Pro plan for my personal website a while ago, and changed the CNAME Flattening setting to Flatten all CNAMEs.

As I wasn’t really using any Pro features I later downgraded back to the free plan. Looks like the Flatten all CNAMEs setting remained active, and I can’t find a way to disable it again. Is upgrading to Pro for another month the only way to do this? I had expected the Pro features to disable automatically when I downgraded.

I guess the support should be able to help so maybe open a ticket directly, if you haven’t already.

I agree that this is something that support should handle. You can open a ticket by emailing support AT cloudflare DOT com. You’ll get a response with a ticket number, and it might auto-close but post the ticket number here, so it can be re-opened and escalated.

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