Disable Cloudlfare APO by Calling API

I’ve tried disabling CF APO in settings but it is still active on the backend on my site and affecting my data reporting so I need to disable. I have been informed to follow this documentation to call API from CF support (Cloudflare API v4 Documentation) but I cannot figure out where to find this script to change to false.

  1. If I need to insert the script somewhere - where would I do it or if it’s already somewhere where would it be because I’m not finding it in page source?

  2. Would I change all of the ‘True’ words to ‘False’ OR just “enabled”: true to “enabled”: false? Appreciate any help and more documentation please as it’s affecting Audrey’s income. Thank you.

“enabled”: true,
“cf”: true,
“wordpress”: true,
“wp_plugin”: true,
“hostnames”: [
“cache_by_device_type”: false


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