Disable Cloudflare SSL on my account

Hi Support,

I have 3 domain, 2 of them have it own SSL.

I need help to disable my Cloudflare SSL, as i believe there some manual setting Cloudflare admin have access? As my SSL suppose to tag to 1 people only. and not tag to many people.

One of my ssl is EV ssl.

I contacted my SSL seller, they say that can be done if to contact Cloudflare.

Please assist me.

Cloudflare traffic goes through a proxy server that acts as a gateway to your web server. Cloudflare puts a certificate on that server that includes your domain name, as well as other domain names.

If you don’t want other domain names on there, you can subscribe to a Dedicated SSL certificate for $5/month.

If you want to use your own certificate, you will need a Business Plan for $200/month.

Or you can bypass Cloudflare services and use your own certificate, but your website won’t receive the security and speed features of the proxy gateway.

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