Disable cloudflare for all files in this subdomain

I have a registered domain:
Ex: site.com

I need to disable cloudflare for all files in this subdomain:
Ex: https://panel.site.com/modules/*

I tried using several rules, but none of them worked. What do I have to do?


What is you’re trying to stop Cloudflare from doing? Once you :orange: Proxy a hostname, all all traffic on that hostname will go through Cloudflare.

@sdayman this URL path receives POST from the payment gateway. When I pause protection on the domain it works, when reactive it stops working, so I only need to disable it on a single URL. did you understand?

Cloudflare proxy is done at the DNS level. Once you proxy :orange: a subdomain, all the URLs associated to that subdomain will be routed to Cloudflare because Cloudflare will propagate Cloudflare IP address from its DNS nameserver for that subdomain.


Can’t create any rules? The entire system is in the subdomain, I want it to be protected, but this folder in particular that receives external posts, I would like to remove the protection. Is there nothing that can be done? Thanks.

When you say “remove the protection”, do you mean:

  1. Route the particular URL to the server directly (bypassing Cloudflare), or
  2. Disable all security features in Cloudflare, but the traffic is still routed to Cloudflare?

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