Disable cloudflare caching for Nextcloud


I have a subdomain configured with nextcloud (nextcloud.mydomain.com) and it works. However, I have seen performance issues with uploading files through nextcloud web UI.
What happens is that the file loads 40MB and then stops for 5 seconds, then loads another 40MB and stops, and so on.

When I disable cloudflare proxy, it just works as expected, so it is definitely a cloudflare proxy.
Also, I have tried this using cloudflare proxy and argo tunnel, but it is the same in both cases

Is there any way to bypass any cloudflare caching to this subdomain? Any thoughts?


You can toggle that hostname to :grey: DNS Only.

I’m watching my Nextcloud web interface upload a 1GB file. It very briefly pauses every 10MB, and that’s about a quarter-second pause each time.


Thanks for your reply. That is precisely what I see here!
I cannot set DNS only on argo tunnel otherwise it does not work, isn’t that right?

I have tested DNS only but without argo tunnel and it works as expected.

I was looking for a way to keep using argo tunnel without these issues

Those are probably chunked uploads, but I don’t know why your pauses are so long. As I said, mine are about a quarter of a second. And this is through Cloudflare Tunnel.

I assume cloudflare tunnel with DNS proxied

Here is an example : hope this is allowed to be shared

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