Disable Cloudflare cache except DNS

I disabled cache in Page Rules but in the header, it still has these lines:

cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
cf-edge-cache: cache,platform=wordpress

I want to disable all cache from CloudFlare except DNS cloud. How can I?

I use Litespeed cache plugin for my wordpress page already. Support man from Litespeed say that I should use one cache system only to avoid conflict.

Can you post a screenshot of all your Page Rules?

Though I use Litespeed, I advise against their suggestion. Litespeed just caches HTML and Object Cache. Cloudflare caches static files, like CSS, JS, and Images, but not HTML under normal circumstances. Truth be told, I do have Cloudflare cache HTML as well, making my site that much faster. I’m just careful about cache TTL so as to avoid those cache conflicts.

Plus, Cloudflare’s cache is at their edge servers, speeding up content delivery and taking a load off your server.

DYNAMIC means no cache.
If content is cached or can be cached, it would say either HIT or MISS.

If you don’t want traffic to go through CDN at all, in DNS page toggle the orange cloud to gray.
Visitor will then connect to your web server directly.

Thank you sdayman,

With Litespeed installed on my website (current hosting), I can get high scored at Google PageInsight

So there’s no way to disable CloudFlare completely, isn’t it? I’m still want to use the orange DNS Cloud button.

The only way to completely disable Cloudflare is to un-toggle the :orange:, as @yoursunny said. So I’m not clear why you want :orange: and no Cloudflare at the same time.

The Page Rules as you’ve entered them are risky on a WordPress site, assuming you activate Rule #1. Still, though, I wouldn’t use either of those rules, and just let Cloudflare do its thing. Cloudflare’s default configuration shouldn’t interfere with Litespeed.

While I can get amazing scores directly from my server, users on the other side of the world won’t get the same amazing experience without the help of Cloudflare’s cache. Granted, I do some careful full-page caching with Workers and routinely get the following score on fastorslow.com:

I see that Litespeed has some good features that I like: .webp generator, LQIP, CSS or JS exclude to be minified… I think Litespeed will do the best on host, next to CloudFlare on worldwide distribution. So I have 2 phrases optimization. Do I think wrong or right sdayman?

But I very appriciate your quick reponse and amaze on CloudFlare. I’ll turn off Litespeed and try on CloudFlare cache.

Litespeed/Cloudflare is a two-pronged approach that work well together if configured correctly.

Here’s a great Litespeed guide that takes Cloudflare into account:

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