Disable Cloudfalre Cache

Hi Geeks,

I wanted to bring an issue to your attention regarding our website and the Cloudflare cache.

Upon checking the network tab, I noticed that Cloudflare is still appearing in the server response, even when we have bypassed the cache. When I refresh the page at any URL, I observe that the first time it shows “MISS,” then “HIT,” “HIT” again, and then “MISS” once more.

My question is, if we are bypassing the cache, why does it still show [server=cloudflare] in the Network tab? Is there a way to completely bypass Cloudflare Cache on our website?

It seems like something within Cloudflare might be causing this issue, as we consistently get “MISS” after navigating a few pages on refresh. This is a matter we should address urgently to ensure the best user experience for our visitors.

Note: On the server side, we are using Varnish Cache.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, and if there are any steps we can take to resolve this issue promptly.

How are you bypassing the cache?

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Can you show us the page rule?


Cache level: Bypass

No wildcard at the end? It should probably be example.com/*

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That’s two completely different questions.

  1. Bypassing cache just means you’ve turned off one feature at Cloudlare. You’re still using WAF, and more importantly, proxying.

  2. A Page Rule would do it…unless your site is actually hosted with a Cloudflare Partner, such as Shopify. In which case, they control the Cloudflare settings they have chosen for their service.

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We just bypassing Cloudflare cache but still using WAF protection.

I have applied the rule with wildcard and it’s working fine now.


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This is working fine now,

Can you also help me to block the IP ranges rule with WAF custome rule?

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