Disable cloud for specific country

Hi everyone,
Is it possible in Cloudflare to turn off the cloud for a country and have users connect directly to our own server? But for other countries, the cloud is on and the traffic is controlled by Cloudflare.
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Sorry, no. Proxying is a DNS function, so there’s no current way for Cloudflare DNS to bypass proxy for specific countries.

Technically yes? Practically no.

You’d need to set your primary DNS to use a 3rd party DNS provider which supported geo based DNS policies and then configure that provider to provide different answers for different geographies. You’d then need to supply the direct IP address for the region in question and CNAME to Cloudflare for all of the others (which would require a CNAME setup on a Business or Enterprise plan).

Practically this works but introduces a lot of complexity and potential risk.

I have done essentially this with a (very) small number of Cloudflare customers for %corner case reasons%. It takes some planning and the customer technical contacts were able to understand the inherent limitations and potential weirdness that would result from geo steering in that scenario (because it’s not a perfect solution by any stretch).


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