Disable challenge page

Hi there. i am in the pro plan. new member.

my site managers report constantly reappearing challenge page.
i change the security level to low, i try to add one of them to white list, nothing helps they just keep on getting them. i even change it to essentially off ץ

what more can i do or check ?

ill appreciate any help
thanks !


How did you whitelist them? Do they all have the same IP address or always come from the same blocks?

However, lowering your security level as you did should basically disable it altogether (unless their addresses are really really listed as serious offenders :wink:). Could it be you have somewhere a rule which requires a challenge? If not I’d probably open a support ticket.

thanks so much.
they are all different users from all over. i didn’t write any rules at all.
sorry for the dun question: where do i open the support ticket ?- (

How did you allowlist them?


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