Disable Cache permanent because Mail client website is loading not good

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Is there a way to disable the cache from cloudflare permanent?
i have some problems with for example my Synology Mail client (webbased) and the desktop from synology… its not loading the little Icons etc… and i need to refresh a few times the website to load good and also the icons etc… if i put cloudflare in Dev. MOD… to disable for 3 hours the cache then it works great. its loading all de stuff right away and very good and fast.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

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PS - Further works cloudflare really good!! i love it and is so great… in combination with Kemp Technology Load Balancer :slight_smile:

You can create the page rule with “Cache Level” = “Bypass” using url matching

Thank you all!!! this is really working good. Thanks…
this solved the problem for so far i can see!

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