Disable Cache on Certain Pages

I have a members website that requires, sign up, login, profile edits, and personal account page edits. Using page rules, I have selected to bypass Cache Levels for all these pages. I have the wildcard, asterix (*) after the url to ensure it applies to all members. However I am still encountering new users who are unable to save the profile inputs.

You could try Cache Rules:

If not, can you share your rule configuration for us to review?

Additionally, does this happen when Cloudflare is paused?

Hi Erisa-cf,

My page rules for my members profile page:


are the following:

Cache Level - Bypass
Edge Cache TTL - an hour
Origin Cache Control - Disable.

In Cache rules I have the following rules for:


Bypass cache
and Bypass Brower TTL Cache.

The plugin I use for this member site is Ulitmate Member.