Disable blocking policies out of office network?

Hi everyone, to block certain websites, I have set up several DNS policies. Everything works fine now, but when the user connects to their own network rather than the office network, I want to disable these blocking policies.

What would be the best way to achieve this?

Are you using the Zero trust gateway with WARP?

A few options depending on your preferences…

  1. Don’t use WARP and just use the zero trust gateway by setting the zero trust DNS servers in your office router for your location.

  2. If you want to use WARP, the user can (if you allow it) to turn it off when at home.

  3. Or with WARP enforced (or because users forget to switch it off), set up two zero trust DNS locations (a “default” for outside and one called say “office”) and detect which one to use with managed networks…

Firewall policies can then be set depending on location.

Is there any other approach that I can use instead Managed Networks? I can’t seem to run that python script stated in the above article.