Disable argo on subdomain?


is it possible to enable argo only on the main domain but not on subdomains?
It can be nice to make the first html delivery faster, while I dont care about all the other assets loading time(and it will cost a lot of money to deliver all the images through argo)


Yeah, you can’t at the moment… It’s all or nothing unfortunately! I hope they can deliver as I heard they want to do.


I was in touch with Cloudflare support today and here’s the answer I received:

There are no plans to enable Argo per subdomain but we can mark this as a feature request.

Which is exactly the same one I had when Argo was launched. Not sure if it’s the technical limitation or trying to get higher bills no Argo, since serving static (= a lot of data) from subdomains is a very common practice.

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Thanks for updating…

it will be insta-enabled when they will do it