Disable and Delete ALL SSL

Hey Cloudflare

I deleted my domain from cloudflare: deryakursunsatis.com and I changed my DNS nameservers to another server.

But domain is still shows Cloudflare SSL this so I cant enable another SSL system on domain. What must I do for this problem ?

I want to use my own server SSL system not cloudflare for this domain.

It looks like Let’s Encrypt to me.


You can do it if you are Paid member of Cloudflare or if you are free member, you HAVE TO DISABLE cloudflare proxy ( mean explode Hosting IP and cannot protected by Cloudflare)

But as you said, you CHANGED name server, so may be there is cached version on YOUR COMPUTER because it’s Let Enscript Cert are showing.

BTW, not all request are 301 to https. You should change it to move all request to https.

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