Disable 60 sec timeout on URL


I have an HTTP request that exceeds the 60 seconds timeout, I wish to completely disable Cloudflare for a special URL so that this timeout won’t affect this url. ( this is an API endpoint)

Are there page rules that completely disables Cloudflare for an url, or any other option that will work in my case.


Cloudflare activation is on the DNS level, not per-URL. Once you choose to proxy :orange: a DNS record, all traffic going to the particular DNS record subdomain will be routed to Cloudflare IP addresses.

Unfortunately that is not an answer to my question, I wish to set a page rule that will disable Cloudflare’s protection (or just the 60 second timeout)

If you want to disable Cloudflare for a Specific Website then make :orange: to :grey:

Based on my response, if you want to avoid the 60-second timeout then the only way is to disable proxy :grey: for the specific subdomain. There’s no such thing like creating a page rule to disable Cloudflare because as what I mentioned, Cloudflare activation is based on DNS level. You turn :orange: on, and your entire websites will be subject to 60-second timeout. Also there’s no such thing as routing specific URL to a different IP address because DNS simply does not do that.

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So if I understand correctly, if the site goes through the Cloudflare DNS, it HAS to have the 60 second timeout?

Unfortunately yes.

Clear! Got it! Was hoping there would’ve been an alternative, but unfortunately there isn’t :slight_smile:

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If you are referring to the proxy read timeout (HTTP error 524), then it is actually possible to change that. However, you’ll need an Enterprise plan to do so.


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Forgot to mention that :sweat_smile:

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If this is an app created by the OP they can also add a keep alive to whatever long running process they have. This isn’t about how long it takes to download something, just how long Cloudflare’s edge will hang around waiting for a (any) response before closing the connection.

Holding open connections to an origin server is an awesome DDoS vector so even Enterprise customers should consider the why strongly before embarking on a ‘switch flip’ how.

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