DISA.mil not resolving

I am currently unable to resolve DISA.mil using servers. I can resolve with Google DNS though.
I see previous posts related to the same subject, so it looks like the prior solution(s) have stopped working.

It looks like this domain might have some intermittent DNSSEC issues:

https://dnssec-analyzer.verisignlabs.com/disa.mil < shows as valid
https://dnsviz.net/d/disa.mil/dnssec/ < shows as invalid

Resolvers that validate DNSSEC will typically return SERVFAIL when the domain’s DNS response cannot be validated, I think that’s what you’re seeing here.

It looks to be intermittent:


This is something the operator of disa.mil would need to address with their DNS configuration.

I found that most if not all .mil addresses will work if you do, for example www.navy.mil
vs only navy.mil. give it a try.

The specific addresses I (and I imagine other DoD related people need) is not working, unfortunately. And that address is crl.disa.mil.