Why cloudflare SUPPORT Scamming Website’s Like it is Against TOS?

I paid $19.99 using a VISA credit CARD ending with 7006

Order ID: 11170898
Amount: $19.99
website : directunlocks DOT com/en_us
Description: Pre-Order IMEI Unlock for 353265074335649 (iPhone 6S) locked to T-Mobile USA

Payment method :

Watch out i went on the website and it said for only $19.99 you can unlock your iphone so i did that. I paid using My VISA Credit Card now that payment went through its telling me to add another $125.99 to finish to process. I emailed the company for refund and the support was very rude and said no refunds. It’s a trick they tell you a low price so you start paying and after payment goes through it tells you we need more money. What a joke and worse service. DO NOT TRUST !

Here is how the scam works:

  1. They offer you to do iPhone unlock for USD 19.99.

  2. Once you pay, they will tell you to deal with the unlock yourself with previous owner or with Apple. If you want them to unlock it, that is another USD 125.99. If you write them that you did not know about the extra price, they will offer a discount to USD $10 and send you a screenshot where the extra 125.99 were visible before the first purchase.

  3. When you try to calculate the price again on the same computer with the same IMEI, now you really see 19.99 + 125.99 extra. When you try another PC and another IMEI, you see only 19.99. Nice try :slight_smile:

  4. You are sent a link, where you can see a progress bar of the “unlock”. Once it reaches 50% after 2 days, you are informed that the iphone was reported as lost/stolen but they can unlock it anyway with extra premium service for another USD $49.

I can track that particular phone back when in was new and it is certainly not stolen and is reported clean on all online checks.

  1. They refuse to refund and basically tell you to fk off. Now you find hundreds of the same stories over internet, so you report them to Nochex, cancel the payment directly with your bank and hand the case to the police and other authorities.

  2. Once you write a review like this, they will threaten you to blacklist you imei with all the operators and brick your device unless you take down the comment. The site
    “cleancheck dot me” they claim to list your device as stolen probably also belongs to them and will list it stolen only after you use the service. It was all clean before and is still clean on all other free imei check servers. The site they offer is free to use, yet they charge you twice and according to them, the first charge included a background check of the device. Only after 2nd charge will they let you know they cant do it and cant do a refund.

Screenshots of all above are already being sent to the police.

If you have issues with a site you can report it at There is nothing the community can do. Furthermore you should take this to your local authorities, which you however seem to already have done.