Directing traffic from distributed locations through the domain to the specified se

Hi. This is a new topic for me and I would be very grateful for any help or advice.

We have a distributed network of video servers transmitting and connecting to our central server. Video servers connect to a specific IP address of the central server. Currently, we want, above all, to ensure redundancy of our central servers, redundancy of communications and redundancy of locations. This means different machines and different IP addresses. Therefore, I am looking for a solution that will allow us to:

  1. direct traffic to the domain, not the IP,
  2. direct traffic from the domain to the indicated central server, which is the main server at a given time, but in the event of a failure it will automatically switch to redundant servers or locations,
  3. ensure the security of the solution and enable only authorized video servers to establish a connection with our server - each video server has up to three WAN addresses (failovers),
  4. detect and block any anomalies and attack attempts on the infrastructure.

Thank you in advance for any directions.

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