Directing to wrong location. Help!


This is the worst business ever to deal with. They don’t care about you or that your website is down.

Horrible! Suddenly my domain name is GONE!

Hi @superdogtrainers ,

Sorry that you are having a frustrating experience. Just as a heads up, submitting multiple tickets within the span of 20 minutes doesn’t improve response time. It will actually slow it down as we sift through all the duplicates. If it persists, there is a risk of having support privileges suspended.

That being said, we don’t have the ability to change your nameservers. They appear to still be pointing at the original nameservers provided by your registrar. Until the nameservers are switched to Cloudflare we don’t actually have any ability to do anything to your site. This is an issue with your host.


I pointed them back because my site was down. If I point them back to
Cloudflare, can you fix this?


Cloudflare has my website pointing at the wrong DNS servers, not Hostgator.

The problem is Cloudflare used information other than what I provided.

Can we just fix this?


We don’t have any DNS records for your domain. And your name servers are not pointing at the Cloudflare options provided in your account.

As mentioned on the support ticket, you need to have DNS records in place before the name servers are changed. You can input the DNS records at any time, and it will not impact your site in any way if the name servers haven’t been changed yet. It’s typically best to add the DNS and leave the records set to :grey: until you can confirm the name server changes are live with your registrar.

If you’d like to re-add the DNS, and let me know once that’s completed, I can have a look before you change the name servers again.


I followed the instructions that said the transition would “be seamless.”
. You did not say if I aim the DNS back to Cloudflare, if my website will
be back today. I changed the DNS this morning because it said the 404
message said my site was “UNSAFE.”

You also still do not acknowledge that you sent me an email saying that
Cloudflare used the wrong servers and not the ones I instructed Cloudflare
to use.

I am just a small business. Please help me fix this today. This is
devastating to my business. I relied on your website’s assurances. I
can’t believe how you treat me and basically refuse to help mitigate in a
professional and timely manner the problem Cloudflare caused. I am just
asking for help to get my website back up.


We are trying to help. I don’t know what email you are referring to. Perhaps you can reply with more information on the support thread so I can see all the details.