Directing domain to new page

My domain was originally used for a sales funnel and now I want it to direct to a blog I created (both using systemio). How do I redirect it to the blog instead?

Simply replace the endpoint that it is pointing to in the DNS tab of the Cloudflare main page.

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Is this under DNS Records or DNS Settings? I don’t see it on either. Would you mind sharing specifics or a screenshot? (I am not very savvy in this department)

Yes, located here

Is it somewhere in here?

It should be, yes. Have you removed any DNS records?

When used as such, did the site load properly? I am getting a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error which indicates you don’t have the proper DNS records you need to point to your site (endpoint as mentioned above).

It used to work until I changed the slug on the funnel that was originally where my domain directed

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