Directing at a wrong IP address

Cloudflare is directing (something) to the wrong IP address. It sounds like a relatively easy fix but finding it impossible to speak with anyone at Cloudflare so in the meantime our company’s website is inaccessible. Please help!!!

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Do you have your DNS records proxied (:orange:)? If you have them that way, users will connect to one of Cloudflare’s own IP addresses, Cloudflare will check if content is cached, and if not, will connect to your origin server on the user’s behalf and return them with the website’s content.

That’s used so that Cloudflare can cache the content of your website (to improve performance), and to protect it from bots, DDoS and more.

If you don’t have then proxied (:grey:), you should proxy them for the reasons explained above.

Customer support for technical support is only available for paying customers of some paid plans. You could open a ticket and reply to the automated messages to keep it open and, eventually and hopefully, your inquiry will be assigned to an agent. However, you’ll receive a better free experience for more than 90% of issues here, in the community.

Could you share, if possible, your domain name (in the domain dot tld format), so that we can help you better with your issue. Thanks!

Hope it helps!

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