DirectAdmin Panel


I am a normal client a hosting company. I have two websites. My hosting company usage DirectAdmin Panel but my two websites have a Cloudflare error “522 Connection timed out”.

I contact my hosting company. Hosting company says " Unfortunately, CloudFlare is not supported by DirectAdmin ".

Please say CloudFlare is not supported by DirectAdmin?

Since CloudFlag does not support Direct Admin, there are 522 errors.

Thank u


If your hosting company says you can’t run DirectAdmin through Cloudflare, then you’re out of luck. Either it’s flat out not compatible, or they’re not going to help. 5xx errors are caused at the hosting end and can’t be fixed from here.

It sounds like setting that “A” record to :grey: should fix it.

My hosting company says, my website doesn’t pointing his server. Please change nameserver and pointing our server.
If I use the hosting company nameserver instead of Cloudflare nameserver, I will not get Cloudflare support.

Please say Cloudflare system supported Direct Admin Panel? My hosting company says Cloudflare system doesn’t support Direct Admin Panel.

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