Direct Uploads and Jekyll website

Just want to check what is possible with “Direct Uploads” feature.

Imagine I built a static website on my machine.
This website is built using Jekyll CMS (static website generator).
Jekyll writes the complete website (*.html and all resources/dependencies/everything) into “_site” directory.

So I should just use Cloudflare “Direct Uploads” feature (commands like “wrangler pages publish …”)
to upload “_site” into Cloudflare cloud.
Is it correct?

To configure custom domain for the website - this should be possible, right?

Yep that should work perfectly fine! You can find more about Direct Uploads here:

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Imagine in this website there is one directory with 60 JSON files (about 1-3 MB each). These files are changed (generated) 3 times per day.
The rest is almost 100% static.

So I should trigger upload 3 times per day and always specify top-level “_site” directory and upload (wrangler pages publish ...) all files even they does not change.
Is it correct?

is it possible to upload only changes (these .json files) and keep the rest (.html *.css *.png) as is?

wrangler pages publish is smart about publishing files. If the files already exist and haven’t changed, it won’t re-upload them.

So I’d simply just trigger an upload every time something changes, yep.

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