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Hey everyone,

I have a web app running on my server and would like my domain to point to that web app with Cloudflare being a proxy between visitors and my server. My situation is complicated though because the web app is running on port 2096, and ports 80 and 443 are being used to host a completely different website with a different domain etc… It appears that 2096 is a supported port on Cloudflare though.

Is there anyway for me to configure Cloudflare such that points to, and users are not pointed to the website being hosted on the default ports?

Thanks for your help!

Try Portzilla in Cloudflare apps. If that doesn’t work, you can use a Worker instead.

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Okay, Portzilla is now redirecting to my site but the web app isn’t completely loading, and ideas?

I found the issue, Portzilla is requiring I whitelist all the target resources but because its a web app there are hundreds, and way around this?

Okay, turns out after I ask a question I will immediately figure out the problem myself, useful, next time everything will be solved much quicker.

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So it’s working now?

Yep, got it working with Portzilla, thanks for your help!


After using different browsers I discovered that Websocket connections are failing, I double checked and when I connect directly to my server Websocket connections do work, so I believe there might be an issue with Portzilla or Cloudflare. I also checked my Cloudflare settings and Websocket connections are enabled there. Is this a known issue with Portzilla and is there anyway to allow Websocket connections to work?

If it’s websockets, it doesn’t like Workers (what Portzilla most likely uses) handles them well.

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