Direct Routing for Transworld Associates

Hey Cloudflare !!
Can you do a direct routing for Transworld Associates in Pakistan? This is AS38193 on my ISP and i can’t get my ISP local ip on some domains after using DNS. Always connected to my nearest data center which in OMAN. So can i connect with Lahore or Islamabad centers from Karachi?

That’s an interesting twist because you’re physically located to a datacenter outside your country. Routing decisions are made by your local ISP, so maybe they can update their routing for

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Can you tell me which info should i give to my ISP to fix their routing? Transworld is a biggest ISP in Pakistan like PTCL. But PTCL is directly routed to DNS. I get 2-5ms ping of DNS but some local domains like Akamai domain and other domains can’t connect on my ISP after using DNS. But Google DNS and OpenDNS can get local ip addresses of Akamai domains and other domains of my ISP.

Just let them know that their route for DNS queries to go to a server outside the country. @matteo can probably figure which exchange Cloudflare uses in Lahore or Islamabad.

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I wish I could… the Cloudflare entry lists only the Karachi IX (Multinet Pakistan Karachi). The others don’t seem to be listed.

To which only Cloudflare connects :open_mouth: reasonably, it’s not that well documented.


So is that possible to get domain requests on Multinet ISP from my ISP? If that possible so can i contact to my ISP? I have my ISP customer support email if i can give you so can you contact to them? [email protected]

You should open a support ticket for that. We have no actual insights on that…

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I have already opened a ticket on that topic. Kindly check it and reply me as soon as possible.

We have no insights on that either. We’re just customers. But if you post a ticket #, one of the moderators might check on it.

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Check screenshot.

Can u guide me what can i do and what should i do with my ISP? Can i tell them to route from Oman to Multinet Pakistan?

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