Direct product checkout link returns empty cart with APO + EasyDigitalDownloads

Hi Guys,
Using APO with my WordPress eCommerce site which is based on EasyDigitalDownloads, everything working just fine except direct product checkout link. It redirects to blank cart page which is kinda confusing as ajaxified checkout buttons are working fine.

For example: this URL supposed to add a specific product on cart and redirect to checkout but, it is redirecting to blank cart/checkout page.

Your help and suggestions are highly appreciated.


Okay, resolved this issue by bypassing cache for* is there any more efficient way or its just fine?

Probably the simplest fix for APO.

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Alright! marked as resolved. Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

I think as a follow up we will bypass APO caching for any page with */checkout/ in the path.


That will be really awesome.
Thanks for the follow up

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