Direct IP Addresses of Cloudflare Data Centers (Bypass Anycast)

Is there any chance to get list of direct IP addresses (or hostnames bypassing Anycast) of all Cloudflare data centers for testing purposes?

I’m not talking about any additional services or serving our websites content from that addresses, simple ability to ping them or download 1MB test files will do. This can be great to test latency to each Cloudflare data center from our servers in different regions and plan location based load balancing according to results.

Is there any security risk for Cloudflare to make this IP addresses public?

This question is mostly for Cloudflare team members and I hope someone can answer it or raise this issue to someone else who can :slight_smile: And for community members, if you find this feature useful, please comment and like this post to get some traction and interest from Cloudflare :slight_smile:

I don’t think CF would publish such a list of direct IPs ?

You should be able to get a rough idea by just running the latency response time tests from your servers (origin backends) to target a CF proxied domain and get the numbers as those tests would hit the data center closest to CF for your origin backend’s location.

They seem don’t have direct IPs for single DC node/location for public access. However, they do have location-associated IP for origin sourcing.

This solution only can give us information about closest data center… Easier way is to run Argo Tunnel on our servers and it will connect and list few other closest data centers with best latency instead of just one, but neither solution is perfect since there is 150+ CF locations and knowing few closest location isn’t very helpful on this scale.

Other solution is to fetch data from all your servers using CF Workers and log cf colo parameter with timings to each server. It will takes time but if you have busy website and visitors from around the world, it’s possible to get latency statistic this way (still not guaranteed that you will get visitors from all 150+ locations tho).

So, what I need is not technically impossible currently but it’s hard to collect and it will take time. This is why I started this topic :slight_smile: if we had access to list of direct IPs, it will only takes few seconds to get accurate latency from your servers to all CF data centers.

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