Direct IP access to site works even though domain is proxied

My domain is proxied through Cloudflare DNS. My issue is that access is somehow available to the site via automatically redirects to my domain, but is browseable as if were the domain.

I’m using Apache with LetsEncrypt SSLs, and don’t have any enabled configurations that are specifically for - my only enabled site configs are for, and

Is the Cloudflare proxy supposed to disable access to the site when accessed via and Is it supposed to redirect the :80 one?

Cloudflare has nothing to do with direct connections to your server via IP address. You would have to set up a firewall at your host to block any traffic that doesn’t come from the list at

I’ll try to do that so. I was attempting an Apache virtual host leading to a blank index.html page for but it seemed to break my site and I couldn’t figure out why. I’ll look around a little harder.

Would blocking any traffic that doesn’t come from the list at stop my server from contacting itself do you know?

It shouldn’t. If your server contacts itself via hostname, it will be routed through Cloudflare. If it wants to contact itself via IP address, it should use which won’t be affected.

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Perfect, thank you for that information, it may be useful to me in the future to diagnosing any issues.

Thank you for your time sdayman!

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