I would like to have access to the URL of the file I hosted on the STREAM service. otherwise it would be almost useless on my site, because what uses the band the most on it are the Background videos.

How to solve this?

Cloudflare Stream is a streaming service, not a file hosting service. You can access stream manifests in either HLS or DASH formats, which are compatible with (almost) every browser currently in use.

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So my theme is asking for a URL ending in .MP4

How can I resolve this deadlock?

Hey @ofm1990! This is a good question.

Stream does not provide support for .mp4 files for entire videos. However, you can get short .mp4s for uses like yours or social media previews using the thumbnails URLs:


Mini update to this thread: The newly released Downloads API allows you to get a .mp4 URL. Documentation here: Download videos · Cloudflare Stream docs

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