Direct creator upload link pre-defined name

Hello! I’d like to create a presigned upload URL which already includes the metadata for the file name. My intention is naming the videos with the user and channel id but it’s ignored.

My idea was sending

    "maxDurationSeconds": 3600,
    "expiry": "'.date("c", time()+3600).'",
    "requireSignedURLs": true,
    "allowedOrigins": [""],
    "thumbnailTimestampPct": 0.568427,
    "watermark": {
        "uid": "'.$watermark.'"
    "name": "514;4" //user id 514 uploaded to channel 4

Also it’s not working if it’s under the “meta” field.

Is there a way to name a file before it’s uploaded?

Hi, this is a known bug. At the moment, the name field gets reset after the upload. We’ll fix and update this thread. If you have other custom fields, you should see the values retained after the upload.

Btw, using the meta field is the correct way to do this. So your JSON would look something like this:

“maxDurationSeconds”: 3600,
“expiry”: “’.date(“c”, time()+3600).’”,
“requireSignedURLs”: true,
“allowedOrigins”: [“”],
“thumbnailTimestampPct”: 0.568427,
“watermark”: {
“uid”: “’.$watermark.’”
“meta”: {
“name”: “My First Stream Video”,

Okay thanks for the info, looking forward to the update

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